basic instincts remake

BASIC INSTINCTS REMAKE is our first digital exhibition and celebrates various young artistic positions through digital interventions.

The physical exhibition BASIC INSTINCTS in November 2020 provided the material for the that format. The ruins of the former MDR Funkhaus in Weimar served as a studio for the sixteen artists when the doors of Bauhaus-University were closed. While the old broadcasting studio in Weimar with its several floors offered plenty of space for different works, the digital remake overlaps more. 3D scans and photos reassembled by Torben Zsagar and Elisabeth Scholz rotate and float through the four digital rooms. This project explores the possibilities of a new togetherness, of exchange and debate about artistic and social processes in unusual and challenging times.

ARTISTS: Denise Blickhan, Lea Bredenbals, Fanny Josefine Dehnkamp, Felix Deiters, Maria Fabricius, Alexia Karawasilis, Sahrah Feyerabend, Samira Gebhardt, Helen Haas, Florian Marenbach, Coretta Klaue, Paul Knopf, Fabian Reetz,Till Röttjer, Marie Jamil Schwab, Rio Usui

CURATORIAL TEAM: Katharina Mänz, Fabian Reetz, Juro Carl Anton Reinhardt

WEBSITE CREATORS: Elisabeth Scholz, Torben Zsagar

photos © Elise Weiland Maceo Cameo
3D scans © Magda Gvelesiani